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“He wants to find some weakness of yours… a person you wouldn’t want to see hurt.”

Lin turned her eyes away from her breakfast to meet Sorn's gaze. Fury rose gleaming darkly in those eyes, and her face closed off, leaving her with a cold, blank look that was almost frightening in its lack of intensity.

"There is only one person on this earth I would wish to see hurt, my friend," she said flatly, anger letting her make the claim she'd been dancing around with Scyld. A cool, detached part of her marvelled a little over it: she had truly begun to trust Scyld. She hadn't expected that. And she wished no harm to Gurth, who was merely a child, with a child's fervent desire to please, and a tool dangerous in the wrong hands. She found she did not particularly care about Osfrid's fate. "And that is Sorn."

Scyld said nothing, seemed to be thinking about something, but he did not break her gaze.

"What exactly does he plan to do with this information? Kidnap another? Add murder to his many crimes, if it isn't there already?"


"Can I help you?" A tall and powerfully built man stood before him, by his build and grace obviously a warrior.

Torim nervously scratched his head, already uncertain of the wisdom of his actions. "Actually, m'lord, I thought...mayhap...I might could help you."

The man looked at him expectantly.

"Th--that lass ye've been a-searching for. I maybe know where you could find her."

The warrior's eyes lit up fiercely, and he near dragged the frightened Torim toward a table, where sat three or four other men, in various states of dejection and discouragement. Torim realized one was his own new Eorl, Eodwine, and his knees went a little weak. He wondered belatedly if he might have a chance to run away.

With many stutters and false starts, and so quietly that the men had to lean far in in order to hear him, Torim described what he had seen on his journey to Edoras: the battered young woman standing up to Sorn, and his further mistreatment of her.

"But why didn't you come to us earlier?" one of the men demanded harshly. "It's been three days, she may have been killed already!"

"I-I--I was a-feared, m'lords!" Torim stammered wildly. "I didna wish the lass harm, but I am a simple man, and my bit o'land lies far too close to m'lord Sorn's than is my liking. He's vicious, and my family's there, my wife and th'littles, and if Sorn knew I spoke to you, 'e'd kill th'littles quick, and m'wife...Aren't you, lords, aware of what manner o'man he is? I fear him greatly."

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