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Foolish, foolish, foolish! Scyld heard the footstep at the same time as Linduial, and knew it would be easy to blame her for being the one loud enough to catch attention – but he, too, had thrown caution to the wind… and he also knew it was not now the time for blame.

He had been on the point of cautiously accepting her offer – or at least not fighting it, as he had argued his way so far as to not back down easily – but if someone was listening – someone who in all likelihood was Sorn – he absolutely could not do that. His plans were too far from ripe to have to face off Sorn now, but even if he did get off now, the damage would be done. The seeds of suspicion would be planted in Sorn’s mind, and he would be watching for any slip of Scyld’s, however small. Scyld had been careless, far too careless.

“It is useless and foolish for you to try and plead your case with me as you obviously have nothing more to offer than empty words and threats,” he said. “I am as unsympathetic as Sorn and understand you as well as simple Gurth might. I tire of hearing you yammer at me all the time; be quiet or I will shut your mouth for you.”

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