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Lin was furious, and made no attempt to hide it. "The offer stands," she hissed at him, before favoring the man with a truly wicked smile. A deep breath, and she launched full-voiced into the furious tirade she'd not been in since the first night of her kidnapping. "I demand to see Sorn!" she exclaimed between streams of rude invective directed at Scyld. She took the tin plate with the remains of her breakfast still clinging to it and flung it as hard she could with her good arm towards her jailor, viewing the moist eggy mess it left on his face and shirt with satisfaction. "Slop! Scraps! I am not a dog, and I am not to be served such a horrific excuse for food!"

Why am I doing this, she asked herself, having acted on instinct. The answer came quickly. So Sorn won't wonder what we were talking about, and question Scyld's loyalty.

She didn't know if Scyld would realize her motivation for throwing this tantrum, but it was the best thought she had. At least she'd never protested her meals before, so it was not likely he'd consider her to have suddenly began to be petty.

If it makes him worry a bit, though, I don't mind, she thought, a bit vindictively.

Scyld had been clear that he considered Lin a pampered highborn brat. She thought she'd at least challenged that notion in Scyld's mind, but Sorn likely felt the same way, and there could be little danger in fulfilling Sorn's low expectations of her. Probably less danger than there had been in setting her arm--she was safer if Sorn underestimated her.

He'll quit feeding me for a little while, most likely. The thought worried her little, however. Gurth's daily 'snacks' had been getting bigger and bigger, and were certainly better fare, if less balanced, than the food she'd been given. She'd be all right.

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