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Gorin watched as the three companions studied him from head to toe. The dwarf that he had run into did not look at him threateningly at all; it would be easy to gain his trust, even though he looked an entire lifetime older than himself.

The man amongst them was the first to speak, accepting Gorin’s offer to help them. The man identified himself as being called Erling, and introduced the dwarf beside him as Kuric; however, he failed to mention the hobbit’s name. Erling stopped in mid speech and looked behind himself.

“I thought…” Erling began uncertainly. “I thought I heard something…But I am not sure now. Maybe it was just the wind…”

Gorin had not heard any noise, but the wind did carry a strange smell that the dwarf’s noise picked up. He put his hand on his axe stepped forward to join ranks with his new found comrades.

The hobbit, unlike the rest, was at perfect ease paying no head to Erling’s warning.

“Sam Tunnelly,” he nodded to the stranger, “journeyman smith.”

The hobbit then turned to Erling and told him that three men and a child were behind the noise that Erling heard. Gorin smiled at the hobbits naivety, more likely as not whoever were behind those bushes were the culprits to the livestock killings.

“I am a hobbit,” Sam said confidently. But Gorin paid no head to Sam’s words, and let his mind run wild with the images of the fight that would soon commence. Kuric gave confirmation to Gorin’s thoughts, telling him to draw his weapon, which he did taking his place beside the old dwarf.

"COME OUT WITH YA THEIVES AND MURDERERS, LET'S HAVE AT IT!" Kuric growled at his presumed aggressors. A smile crept across Gorin’s face, but was soon turned into a frown, as four figures came out from behind of bushes and walked up to the as if they were friends.

Gorin, once again, put his axe back into his belt, knowing that there would be no fight. He backed off to let the others talk to the new group. He looked at the kid, who was holding one of the men’s hands; Gorin smiled trying to look friendly, but probably looked more fearsome when he did so.

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