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Sam watched in disbelief as Kuric drew his sword and shouted about "thieves and murderers" as Erling looked on. While dwarves and other uncivilized folk might not realize how sharp hobbit ears were, the Man was Bree-born and should know better.

Sure enough, Ash and Miss Lea and their little brother nervously stepped forward, followed by Grimbeorn. Sam looked at the foreign Man thankfully. Although he would have preferred someone with a little hobbit-sense, Grimbeorn at least didn’t speak before he thought, unlike a certain dwarf Sam could name.

And sure enough, that particular dwarf spouted some nonsense about almost slaughtering the Winkles. The lad, Orin, looked downright terrified, although his older brother and sister remained calm enough.

Sam’s easy-going nature usually prevented him from losing his temper, but this last outburst of Kuric’s was the outside of enough. When Lea politely (and bravely) greeted the newcomer, he cleared his throat, getting their attention.

“This fellow gives his name as Gorin Redbrow,“ he told her before the red-haired dwarf could draw breath for a reply, “and as far as I can tell he and Kuric have never set eyes on each other before. He made an offer to help us, which Erling agreed to while you lot were crashing down the hill in the dark.”

He continued, “I did say there was naught to fear, since I heard Ash’s voice clear as anything, but I guess that dwaves haven’t learned how well hobbits hear.” He glared at both dwarves impartially as he finished speaking.

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