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Once they were all in, Cengal set to make his guests comfortable. He placed them in a room where a fire was burning brightly and served them some food and also some of his wine-“to warm you after coming from that cold dark place outside”, as he told them. While he was doing all this, Erling was telling him about the decision of the villagers to form a group of “Defenders”-the farmer noticed that Erling spoke the word on a very important tone and could not help grinning to himself at that-to try and get to the bottom of what was happening.

“That is all very wise.” Edin Cengal said when Erling had vanished, although he thought it far from wise that such a party had been accepted for the job. Why most of them were so young, and there was a girl also, and a small child and…and three foreigners! Were they fit to be entrusted with the safety of their own land? He did not think so. He would have thought twice before employing such a party to such a grave job. “And what have you done as Defenders?” he continued, trying to hide any traces of mockery from his voice.

Erling looked suddenly uncomfortable. He glanced at his companions, hoping one of them would speak in his head. But then he changed his mind and thought that, since Erling knew him, it was better if he talked.

“Well,” he began hesitantly. “Well, nothing, but…”

“Just as I thought” Cengal told himself. No good putting too much trust in such a party of youngsters and girls and dwarves! Yet aloud, he said:

“Well, that’s not too good, is it, Erling my lad? But what can I do for you brave Defenders?”

“Well,” Erling said. “You….you live here and I have heard you have suffered because of these creatures. We thought perhaps you could tell us some things. I have heard they attacked your flocks twice.”

“Not twice, my lad.” Cengal replied, shaking his head. “But three times actually. So you want me to tell you how it was…”

At this the farmer paused and went to the window to look outside. He stood long like that, staring at the darkness, although it was doubtless he was actually seeing anything.
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