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Running as fast as his ancient body would allow, Kuric doggedly followed his new dwarven friend. He couldn’t keep up with the younger dwarf and came into the clearing in time to see the Warg fall. Great disappointment filled Kuric as he saw his opportunity for a good kill slip through his fingers. In frustration he kicked the nearest tree, muttering a curse under his breath.

Walking up to Gorin but still keeping on guard, knowing full well that Wargs are pack animals, Kuric looked at the corpse, seeing the face of Grimebeorn and hearing Groins parting words. Kuric thought it a shame to find him dead but also thought him foolish to come out here on his own. “Bah” spat Kuric, “the lad wasn’t ready to take on a goblin let alone a Warg.” Kuric circled the body oblivious to the crying lass nearby; he was too occupied with studying the nearby ground.

“I can’t make this out, but I reckon there’s more than one of these foul creatures. Didn’t I tell ya all along we’ve got a Warg on our hands.” Kuric puffed his chest proudly, not caring to remember he had stated that it was a troll, not a Warg. “Well let’s have two or three fetch Cengal, he can take care of his body. We need to go find the rest of these creatures before it’s too late,” Kuric stated patting his mace impatiently.

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