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Hearing dwarven for the first time in decades brought a nostalgic feeling to Kuric he didn’t think possible. He deeply loved his dwarvish heritage and revered his language. It was a moving experience, one that, if the others could see into his dark deep-set eyes, they would have seen him slightly emotional. It was a sacred thing, in Kuric’s mind, to be speaking the language of Durin the Deathless.

Long had Kuric held the eldest of his race in high esteem. He remembered vividly being a young lad under the tutelage of his father being taught his history, heritage and responsibility as a dwarf. He swelled with such pride at the stories of their glory and former greatness. He had hoped to bring back their former grandeur, this was the cause of all his travel and labor, while he loved the road and adventure, he truly wanted to make his mark as a dwarf on Middle-earth. It had been a long time ago that he forgot why he left on his adventures initially. It all came crashing down on him at that moment. He knew that he had utterly depraved his once grand mission. The guilt almost overwhelmed him. He felt like he was sinking in despair, but then he heard, starting almost as a whisper from the depths of sorrow the guttural voice of his comrade and he was renewed.

Hope blossomed and for the first time in memory, Kuric felt he had a purpose. Looking down at his most prized possession, his mithral chain coat, he realized that the moment was now. When it was given to him he was told something of great import and Kuric felt it was prophetic. Never had he shared what was told him, but he knew the time had come.

“Lad,” Kuric said feeling great joy in speaking his native tongue, “I need ya ta do me a favor. These people are good people, but they ain’t a ready fer this kinda battle that awaits ‘em.” Kuric paced impatiently trying to explain and wondering if he should tell this relative stranger what he meant by what he would say next.
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