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It took all the patients Kuric could muster, to just wait for this man to gain his composure. So disheveled and unnerved he was that it reminded Kuric why he knew he must go at this alone. “These people, aren’t ready fer the task” he thought to himself. The man spoke about Toby and it took a moment for Kuric to remember who Toby was. By then Parkun had asked about the location of the others.

“The others,” Kuric questioned, “Why I left ‘em back at the clearin back there. Figured they’d be no good ta me out here. I was goin ta get those wargs meself lad. I reckon they are just a short distance ahead. In fact,” Kuric chuckled, “I thought you were one of them. Here let me help ya up lad.” Kuric extended his right hand towards Parkun who instinctively flinched which only caused Kuric to spit in disgust at this man. “Where’s his spine” he wondered to himself. Realizing that it wasn’t another attack Parkun accepted the help and with some difficulty he managed to stand despite the wobbly feeling in his legs.

“Now lad, I think it’d be fer the best if ya got yerself back with the others.” Pointing the way Kuric instructed “it’s that way there, it took me a bit and I was runnin ta find these ruddy wargs and now me mission is all the more urgent, what with that helpless hobbit in the mix. I knew he shouldn’t have come in the first place, nothing but trouble sending out a bunch of hobbits if ya ask me, he wanted to take charge when I told him it’d be fer the best if I was the leader…” Suddenly Kuric heard the howl of the warg that brought him out of his untimely rant.

Grabbing his mace and beginning to towards the direction of the sound at a quick pace, Kuric realized that Parkun wasn’t following. Turning to face him he saw what was, in his mind, a sniveling weakling not fit for true combat. Knowing that he wouldn’t have the emotional fortitude necessary for such an encounter Kuric waved off Parkun not hiding his disdain for him and said “Go back to the others and tell them to stay put, I’ll take care of our wargs” With that Kuric departed through the trees again resuming his hunt and destiny.
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