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((Sorry if these were said))

1) You take your friend to go see TTT for his/her first time, and by the time you get to the theater you've quoted the whole movie word for word.

2) You spend your art/homec class making LOTR charactors, even if your homework isn't even close to LOTR

3) Whenever your parents say something, you always qoute from the movie/books a response (hey, whenever my parents say "crows" I respond "Crebain from Dunland!")

4) Your whole room is covered head to foot with LOTR

5) You spend your free time making Flash Movies about LOTR

6) Whenever you take liquid medicine you gag and say "Orc Draught!"

7) All your pets are or are going to be named something from LOTR

8) You nickname your friends after the Fellowship

9) You take every chance you get to perform or audition in anything LOTR realated

10) When you get absoulutly frustrated you start shouting in the Black Speech
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