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In general: When pressed for time, feel free to put up a brief post as appropriate. Handing the momentum to another team member can buy you some extra time.

The story is rolling along beautifully, by the way, and I am thoroughly enjoying it! Liornung's behavior might not have surprised Amroth, but it sure surprised me. Sounds like Ędegard has some struggles coming his way...

I've been pondering Mellonin's next few days. She is in service to Estelyn, who is royalty. I'm hoping that Estelyn would have left instructions with Morien the Innkeeper to outfit her with a few simple things, and I'm also hoping that he would likewise help out Raefindan as best he could. Little things like a dagger, and a pair of boots... although, now that I think of it, I should think Mellonin would have had some boots of her own.

Orual, I forget-- does Ravion own a horse or does he walk everywhere like Strider did? Maybe part of that pearl necklace will go towards a pack horse.
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