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Time is flowing a little loosely here at the beginning of the game

So . . . hmmm . . . let's do this:

Grimr's house/tent (I'm thinking something like a yurt here actually) is on the edge of the Easterner settlement. Let's assume that this incident

Originally Posted by Fordim
Indeed, as he walked along he heard some malicious folk taunting the man Grimr, asking him if he had ever seen a buck of the size and majesty brought in by barrakar. Hunta winced at the name but did not react.
happened just before Grimr's party reached the house. Grimr will have shrugged off the taunting most likely. Perhaps made some comment to bring some humor to the situation.

Rune, if you'd like, I'll write a short post for Grimr's two older sons as they enter the tent talking about the incident and their opinions on how they would have handled it.

Or . . . Erling can make some sort of comment about it.

What do you think?

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