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I have some general questions

- are we calling the place where the Ulfings live a village or is there some other term?

- can we take a stab at how many people live there - are we talking 100 or 1000? And would there be other settlements near or far or only farmsteads, or individual abodes? I'm just trying to get a sense of the importance of this particular "place" to the Ulfing "tribe/clan" (?) as a whole

- would most of the people in the "village" be aware of the elves arrival, pretty much as soon as they show up? would the common folk be aware of why the elves are there? would the common folk be aware of Ulfang's earlier pledge of support to the elves?

I hope I'm not covering ground that has already been addressed but I don't recall having read anything exactly about these issues.
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