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Some answers...

The town - for it is more town than village - is large but rustic and "barbaric", hardly prosperous, but maybe room for a few markets and traders. I would estimate its population at about 10,000, about the size of mediaeval London. Many more Ulfings live outside it in smaller villages and farmsteads, with a total population not far short, in my mind, of a million. Of these, Lachrandir has been required, as it stands, to recruit seven thousand able-bodied warriors.

The town is simply known as "Ulfang's Settlement" or "Ulfang's Capital" - appropriately pragmatic and avoiding canon issues, I hope.

People would be aware that they lived under the protection of and at the service of the Elves - specifically Caranthir - though few will have seen Elves often. News of the envoys' arrival will travel vast.

And last but not least, it is coming up to late morning.

I'm glad to be asked questions like this; makes things clearer in my mind as well as yours...
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