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Originally Posted by Boromir88 View Post
So I think the "thrice pays for all" is just the three times in LOTR, because each rescue shows a progression in their friendship. Gandalf is first "a burden" that Gwaihir will carry for many leagues "but not to the ends of the earth." Second time, Gandalf is still a burden, but he's "as light as a swan's feather." Then the last time, Gwaihir says he will bear Gandalf wherever, even were he "made of stone." So, I guess that means Gwaihir in the Fellowship of the Ring would not have accepted carrying the ring-bearer to the borders/into Mordor. But ROTK Gwaihir would have...figures you even have to play the dance with eagles, when you want to get them to do anything for you.
That's a very good response, Boromir88! Certainly, things seem to get friendlier between Gwaihir and Gandalf as the book goes on.
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