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Sorry this is a kind of cross posting since I started this before ArcusCalions laast message.
1) For the inclusion of Of the Finding of the Ring and The Quest for Erebor with some extract from the 1960 Hobbit I worked out in the meantime a draft. But seeing your post, I considered holding back until you would have posted the last chapter and the appendices and made only some comments on the changes you introduce in the chapter ĎThe Stewardsí. I realy think we should wait with changing title of the chapter until we have reached a final decision what is included. Since if we include The Quest for Erebor, this might become the title or the chapter might even be split.

2) The part about LotR of The Letter to Milton Waldman is given in full in Scull and Hammondís The Lord of the Rings: A Readerís Companion. I have not yet re-read it but at least we have the text.

3) The Synopses contained at the beginning of Two Towers and Return of the King: I am prety sure that these are from JRR Tolkien, but I have not yet found a prove. It is true that they are not in all editions (they make no sense at all in a one volume edition) but since the first editions were three volume editions and the publisher was much concerned about the books being each readable by themself, I suppose they were included from the start. I will further look for any indication that they are original JRR Tolkien productions. I agree that it would be risky to use them without such prove. (Probably I could not even provide the English text, since, think about it, all my English editions of LotR are one volume editions. I only know them from my German edition.)
As to the story of volume III not told, I agree that this might be problematic, but on the other hand, the most importante events are collected there and these are given some space in the other sources we have, specially Of the Rings of Power.
I agree with ArcusCalionís jugdement about LotR, Appendix B and its useability. And reading his sidenote, I fully support that inclusion. Nonetheless we should consider such addition from The Great Years as are possible.
I am not quite sure that we have to decised first how we build up these chapters. The approached used to make the drafts is still a decent one. So why should we not get the results of that approach (chapter The War of the Ring and the Appendices) and then work together at the text to get a result we are all satisfied with?

Please do not delet any thread! This forum is a kind of documentation of our work. And it is no failure to start with diffrent assumptions. And restructuring has been done before.

For the time being I agree to the plan of restructuring.

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