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Originally Posted by Nerwen View Post
Lets get back to the original question, Should Aragorn have placed Gandalf under arrest?

The answer seems clear: yes. Yes, he should have. For then, instead of further tedious footslogging, we could have had an awesome fantasy cop show, featuring Aragorn as the Middle-earth equivalent of the angry police captain!
I've been thinking more along the lines of CSI: Arda, with Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas going around solving crimes every week.

LEGOLAS: Well, we stopped that crazy wizard from leading us into the mines of Moria.

GIMLI: Good thing you had the foresight to arrest Gandalf while you did, Aragorn.

ARAGORN: I don't like to brag but you could say on the matter of not entering Khazad-dm, we nearly walked into

(Puts on sunglasses)


LEGOLAS: ...what?


GIMLI: Is that the best pun you could come up with?

ARAGORN: Well, you know...the words doom and Khazad-dm and...I thought-

GIMLI: Go have a lie down, Aragorn.

ARAGORN: Er, well...yeah, okay.
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