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Ulfast righted himself and brushed himself off, smearing the boar's blood where it had spilled on his clothing. He watched the two messengers, a Borrim man and woman. The man was of negligible importance, Ulfast supposed, but the woman seemed familiar. He could not say how. Their message seemed urgent, but the Elf lord's face was unreadable as usual. Not even the Elf's servant gave much away. Had there been a look of suspicion given to he and his brothers as the two messengers walked by? Ulfast wondered if it had anything to do with Jord and their plans for Ulfast to become lord.

Confound Uldor! Especially that last little bit of false diplomacy, as if he had feelings of warmth for his siblings! What a fake. Did he think he was fooling either himself or Ulwarth? What nonsense. Or was he doing it for Lachrandir's sake? Ulfast did not believe it for a moment.

What was Jord up to while they hunted? He would make sure to find out when they returned with the kill.
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