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Pipe Verbal Reasoning!

This is something that is on most British schools' entrance exams, and I thought it would be interesting to give it a nice Tolkien Twist.
The idea is very simple - you relate two words to one another, and then give the beginning of a second pair, so that the intended audience may complete it.

A really easy one would be:
Dog is to Puppy as
Cat is to ____________________

Now we all know the answer would be "Kitten" (don't we?), but the Tolkien version could perhaps be more difficult, as most characters and things and places have more than one relationship...if you know what I mean. (The above would be more difficult if Dog was also an anagram of puppy, the place where the puppy was born, etc.)

If I didn't just waffle on and write complete nonsense, and you actually understood what I mean, then have a go at this niiice and easy one:
Arwen is to Elrond as
Éowyn is to ___________
You must explain why you filled in the blank in the way you did. We can't go arund guessing now, can we?
Also, if there are any more VR-style questions, you can post those up as well, provided you explain how they work.

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