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For instance I imagine that his already vast empire, were the West added to it, would have been extremely unwieldy to control without the One allowing him to dominate the wills of his subjects. This may have particularly been a problem in the West as many of the older realms knew of him and his evil, which might have made their subjugation much more difficult than the wide lands to the East and South which had been blinded by the Shadow since the Elder Days.~Zigur
That's an interesting hypothetical that I don't think many (or at least I haven't) really considered. If the Ring wasn't destroyed, Sauron's victory appears inevitable. If he gets the Ring back, I can see the argument that his domination over Middle-earth would be swift. If it's not destroyed, but say he never gets it back, say at the Council of Elrond it's decided to throw the Ring into the Sea. Sauron's victory would still come, as the pockets still resisting "fight the long defeat" (as Galadriel puts it)...but then how does Sauron maintain control over his whole "empire?"

He's not Morgoth, he isn't trying to destroy the world. He wants to enslave it to his will and that would be a lot harder to do without the One. It may even come to a point where Sauron realizes he can't do it without the One, and falls to nihilism like Morgoth.

I think we get a glimpse of Sauron's plans of how he would maintain control over his newly expanded empire when he wins:

'These are the terms,' said the Messenger, and smiled as he eyed them one by one. 'The rabble of Gondor, and its deluded allies shall withdraw at once beyond the Anduin, first taking oaths never again to assail Sauron the Great in arms, open or secret. All lands east of the Anduin shall be Sauron's fore ever, solely. West of the Anduin as far as the Misty Mountains and the Gap of Rohan shall be tributary to Mordor, and men there shall bear no weapons, but shall have leave to govern their own affairs. But they shall help to rebuild Isengard which they have wantonly destroyed, and that shall be Sauoron's and there his lieutenant shall dwell: not Saruman, but one more worthy of trust.'
Looking in the Messenger's eyes they read his thought. He was to be that lieutenant, and gather all that remained of the West under his sway, he would be their tyrant they his slaves.~The Black Gate Opens
So, if we take these terms as the truth to Sauron's new world order after his victory. Everything east of the Anduin is Sauron's empire fore ever and shall not be assailed again. Everything west of the Anduin to the Misty Mountains will be ruled from a rebuilt Isengard by Sauron's lieutenant (presumably the Mouth). I wonder about the lands then west of the Misty Mountains? Eriador and the Shire? Would he place another lieutenant in Angmar, or does Sauron think with the Kingdom of Arnor already destroyed and just viewing hobbits as little rat-spies, there would be no issues enslaving them?

Although, I agree with Zigur, without the One this would be much harder for Sauron to establish and maintain.
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