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Peony had slept little if at all. Though the future of her adventure was unsure she had spent much of the night sneaking around and packing. Maps, food, extra clothing, all was waiting in some packs in the bushes outside. Now it was a waiting game.

When the Hobbit lass had finally laid down sleep, she just stared into the darkness, her stomach fluttering. If Gaffer Hugo and Rudy said no to trekking around, looking for Ent-wives, that was final. They would tell Melilot and Peony would be confined to her room for weeks.

She dressed quickly, but moved slowly toward the kitchen. Smells of her mother's cooking filled the halls, but with each step Peony filled with more dread. She swallowed the lump in her throat as she stepped into the kitchen. As she guessed Rudy and Hugo were already sitted at the table.

They didn't acknowledge her, instead the two seemed to be discussing their own plans.
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