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"I think I'm finished, Peony, and now I must go give my compliments to the cook."

Peony panicked, thinking Rudy would reveal to Melilot her plans with Bunny and Tansy. Rudy stood and smirked. She could not let him spoil this, not for her, not for Mira.

"Ma!" Peony nearly screamed.

"Goodness Peony, what is wrong?" Her mother had nearly dropped her tea kettle do to Peony's outburst.

Peony realized she had no lie to feed her mother to get her out of the kitchen. Still she had to think of something, something that would remove Melilot from the room for a few minutes. "Those rabbits are back, eatin' all your fine flowers and such."

Melilot grumbled and armed herself with the tea kettle. "I thought your brothers had scared those pesky creatures away for good." The older hobbit stormed out of the kitchen to chase away the rabbits Peony had invented.

When Melilot was gone, Peony angrily cut her eyes to Rudy. "How dare you try to ruin our adventure." Peony snapped. She had never once raised her voice at any relation outside her brothers. It was almost painful to be so angry with Rudy. "There's no harm in us lookin' for the entwives. But there's no reason to stop Mira and me from having a bit of an adventure!"
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