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Snatch had raised his head and perked his ears at mention of the word 'rabbit', and followed Melilot out of the kitchen; better live food fresh off the bone than pickings from master's plate, apparently.

"Now now, Peony," Gaffer Hugo said, "let's not be all up in arms an' everything. It's like this. Rudy an' I ain't going to let you go on this adventure-"

"But Gaffer!" Peony cried.

"Now I ain't finished! Here me out, my pea," Gaffer scolded with a smile. "Like I was saying, we won't let you go adventuring on your own, so we're comin' with to make sure you don't trip into a troll's den or somethin', and there's nothin' you can say to keep us from joining you. Besides, I want to see the look on your faces when there's no entwives from here to the quarry to the farthing stone nor anywheres else you think such a creature might hide. An' what's more, it has to be seen walkin'. You won't get me believin' a tree's an ent just because it has limbs in the right places.

"Now you and Mira come sit down and cool off and have first breakfast."
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