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"Cheer up, Tansy! We're going on an adventure today!" Bunny smiled.

Tansy returned the smile, although a bit half-heartedly. She was still troubled by Fred's ill-humoured goodbye. It seemed that Brown too had noticed it. That troubled Tansy as well: she hoped her brother's friend would not think that ge was childish. Or realise that he is, Tansy thought somewhat grudgingly.

Fred had always been the apple of their mother's eye and he had never really had to grow up and sometimes it could be seen very easily.

"I'm sorry for harbouring bad thoughts on a good day like this," Tansy said, annoyed at herself. She did not want to ruin the day for herself and especially not for Bunny and Brown.

Fortunately Brown interfered: "A good day? Why, Miss Tansy, you must be a pessimist - for I would call it excellent."

Bunny chuckled and Tansy's smile was replaced by a more genuine one. They had not even walked from her home to Peony's place and she was already enjoying the cheerful company. By the time they arrived, the two younger Hobbits had infected their seemingly happy and careless mood on her as well.

They arrived at Peony's house only to be rousingly welcomed by Gaffer Hugo's dog, Snatch. If they had been trying to sneak around, it would have been no good for the uproar Snatch made.

"Quiet, Snatch!" cried Melilot, which the dog did not immediatley agree to do. Once he recognized Tansy and Bunny as harmless hobbit lasses, his tongue hung out of his mouth in a big smile, ready to lick whatever hand or face was extended. But he growled at Brown. Then he backed away a bit, but kept eyeing him suspiciously. Melilot welcomed the guests and went in.

At the doorstep and Peony herself came to welcome them. Tansy greeted her with a warm smile and a blunt question: "Are you and Mira ready to leave?"

Mira and Gaffer Hugo had appeared behind Peony's back. She glanced at her young cousin. "I think we are," she said and smiled at Tansy.

"So are Rudy an' me!" Gaffer Hugo grinned.

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