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Bunny was crestfallen. She hated to have more delays, but the thought of a pint and perhaps a bit of bacon cheered her up quickly. She smiled to herself and before she gave it much thought she blurted out quite loudly. "Oh yes I suppose you do need a cart and pony...seeing as your age must be VERY great. but I suppose, we should stop off at the Inn. A pint will do us good for our adventure" Bunny smiled, she wasn't about to give up all control of this journey yet.

Bunny thought the cart and pony may be good for the start, but what would happen when they reached the other side of the river? there wasn't a road that she planned on following. How in the world would the cart stay righted? Bunny didn't know if she really was OK with the new additions, she was sure they would just slow them down after the bridge was crossed. Perhaps they may just stay at the Inn, once they find out our direction....Well nothing to do for it now, Bunny thought.

"Alright lets all help get the cart ready, my tummy is growling something fierce", Bunny rubbed her middle to emphasize.

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