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It was not long before Gaffer Hugo and Rudy had Mosy and the cart all situated and ready to go. As it turned out, the other hobbits seemed not to have been aware of the passage of time, for they were making new acquaintances and renewing old ones, amid plenty of laughter. Bunny was so busy in chatter that she did not even notice that the pony and cart were ready.

Even Snatch seemed to have decided to do some socializing, for he was wagging his entire rear end, intent with a huge smile on his face, with a slightly rough looking gentlehobbit Hugo swore he'd seen around before but did not know well. The hobbit had a stick and he was waving it about, grinning, with Snatch ready to give chase once it was thrown.

Hugo grinned. He could tell a dog lover right off, and this lad was such a one. The stick was thrown. Snatch raced after it and tackled it with his whole body, and pranced back to its original owner with the prize in his mouth. When the hobbit reached down for it, Snatch clamped down hard on the stick and growled good naturedly, his tail wagging furiously.

Hugo stopped Mosy and walked over to the hobbit and his dog. "Hullo there! I see you've met Snatch! And he's met you and likes you, and that's a good sign. I'm Gaffer Hugo Chubb." Hugo extended his hand in greeting.
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