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With every hobbit in the cart, Brown, Rudy and Gaffer Hugo (and Snatch) in the front seat, good-byes were said to Melilot, and well wishes made to be passed on to Lizzy by way of Melilot. Hugo gave the reins a hearty flick and a "Hyah, Mosy!" and they were off.

The countryside moved by quickly, for Mosy seemed to feel the excitement of the whole party of hobbits and gave it a good trot. Gaffer Hugo, Rudy, and Brown talked about many things, including the lay of the land north of the Road, and so got pretty well acquainted, and rather pleased with the suddenly blooming friendship.

It was not long before they reached the Great East Road and the Stonebow bridge, and the Stonebow Inn, just in time for second breakfast or first lunch depending on a hobbit's preference.

Everyone tumbled out and made their way to the front door while Gaffer Hugo waited. Then he flicked the reins to move Mosy toward the stable where he met the local ostler, quite a friendly chap who loved dogs no less. Hugo and Burt Boffin got to talking and the Gaffer almost forgot about food, then realized the others were probably waiting for him. In his hurry to get down from the cart he tripped and fell to the cobbled stones with a wrench of his right foot.

It hurt something fierce, but he kept his tongue between his lips. It would not do to go complaining about bodily ailments when they'd barely started.

"You all right there, Master Chubb?" asked Burt.

"I'll be fine, you jus' go see to Mosy." His words came out more irritable than he meant them to.

"Yes sir, Master Chubb!" Burt left him alone, leading Mosy to a manger of hay inside the stable.

Bother it, such a fall at a most inconvenient time! he murmured to himself. He got to his knees, then placed his sure foot beneath him. He rose on one leg, and gingerly tested his right foot .... ow! nope. He sat back down on the cobbles and decided to wait until the pain went away before he tried again.
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