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Valier's post:

Bunny's spirits were lifted as soon as they entered the Inn. She loved Inn's, her brothers had taken her to many and this one was a favorite. "I'll have a pint...or two" laughed Bunny to the barkeeper. She motioned for the barkeep to bring three more for the other lasses, as she motioned for them to join her at a table. The boys seemed content for the moment to chat together at the bar.

Bunny took a sip from her frothing mug that the barkeep plunked down on the table. He waited for someone to pay him and when no one motioned to do so, he gave a little cough. "Oh yes, I do suppose we must pay for these..." Bunny gave a wide grin. "See those lads sitting by the bar there?" She pointed to where Brown sat filling his face with bacon and beans, next to Rudy. "He has been so kind as to pay for this round...and the next!" Bunny giggled as the girls tried to suppress their own giggles. "Hey you there! The barkeep motioned towards Brown. Brown looked round and Bunny lifted her drink.
Brown gave a nod, thinking Bunny was saying hello and went back to his meal. With a quick gleam in her eye and a twist of opportunity she caught the barkeeps eye and motioned for him to bring them two of his best Lamb hocks and beans. The barkeep looked satisfied with Browns reaction and when back to the bar to fetch the food..

Bunny burst out laughing no longer able to contain herself.
"Let us drink to the boys health then," Bunny lifted her mug and downed it in one large, long gulp. Bunny cleared her throat and began a little jotty dance, belting out,

"Food and drink we love so much, but even better when not paid by us",
"Beans and brew aren't so bad especially when paid for by a lad!

She finished with a little curtsy, sat and reached for her next mug.

Brown having not been really paying attention to his surroundings did not catch the words of Bunny's song, but let out a loud cheer anyways. Which only served to make the table of Lasses laugh louder.


Boromir88's post:

After getting a nice, big pint Rudy went to go take a seat next to Brown. "This is how I get myself ready for adventures!" Rudy chuckled as he sat down. He wasn't going to have anything for second breakfast, he was still full from Melilot's breakfast! He made himself remember to grab some biscuits before leaving. Rudy liked biscuits about as much as he liked bacon. However, he could care less about fruit.

Rudy liked talking to Brown. Brown was quiet, reserved, and Rudy liked those qualities in a hobbit (especially since Rudy was the complete opposite). Suddenly, Rudy stopped, something was not right; where was the gaffer? Rudy quickly got up from his seat, "I'm sorry Brown, I got to find Hugo." He tried not to sound worried, as he didn't want to trouble anyone, but Rudy wasn't sure if it worked.

Mira must have noticed something in Rudy's face, she had gotten out of her seat as quick as he did. Rudy simply sent Mira a nod, which told her he was going to got get the Gaffer. He let out a 'real' smile for the first time in two days.

Rudy hurried out of the inn. He rushed towards the stables where he saw Hugo leaning up against the cart. "Gaffer! What are you doing out here? You're missing out on all the excitement. If you get yourself off this ground, the first pint is on me. Let me help you up." Rudy said.

Maybe the Gaffer didn't want Rudy knowing he hurt his foot and thought it would be ok to walk on now, or maybe he was just thrilled at Rudy offering him a pint, Rudy didn't know. But, when Hugo let out another cry, as he tried to get up; Rudy found out fast that the Gaffer was in serious pain. Hugo fell back to the ground.

"Gaffer!" Rudy was overcome with terror. "What happened!?"

"Oh, its nothin' I jus' wrenched my foot, that is all."

"Nonsense! Don't you try to move, not an inch, you understand!? I'm going to go get Burt." Rudy hated sounding so authoritative towards his Gaffer, but if Hugo was smart, he would listen.

In an instant, Rudy went racing towards the stables to try to find Burt.

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