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Gaffer Hugo had been ready to lash Rudy with words about being disrespectful to his elders, but the young hobbit had been off so quick to the stables that he hadn't gotten the chance. Now he thought better of it; the lad was worried, was all.

Snatch had taken the opportunity of the stopped cart to explore the area, but had now returned, not having been called by his master, which was unusual. He trotted up, his ears fondly back, sniffing at his master.

"Hey there, doggy, seems I've done twisted my ankle." Hugo rubbed it. The pain was beginning to build. Why, of all the nuisances, did this have to happen now? He began to feel lightheaded. Snatch sniffed at his ankle and began to lick it, which did no help but no harm neither.

Here came Rudy running back with Burt in tow. They insisted on getting under each of his arms and almost carrying him into the inn. How humiliating.

To garner some self-respect out of the situation, Hugo said, "Ostler, how is my Mosy? Have you set him up proper?"

"Yes sir," Burt said. "But don't overdo things. You're in a bad way."

"I'm in no bad way! I just twisted my ankle is - ow!" Now he was seeing stars, but he wasn't going to tell nobody about that, or they'd think he was about to faint. That would be embarrassing.

Snatch came trotting after, his big brown eyes looking worried, and the four of them entered the inn.
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