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"Aye, she's so old that she does not even understand us young people anymore", Peony giggled as Bunny poked fun at Tansy.

"The first adventure is always an important occassion... I think we must have a toast for it!" The hobbit lasses raised their pints in a toast to the occasion.

"We need this adventure," Peony said, "Then maybe we can grab some renown that's not been seen since the hobbits of the Great War." If Peony guessed correctly this was what Bunny was after and the thought of praise throughout the Shire for finding the Entwives excited Peony a great deal.

She took a sip from her pint and smiled, leaning back in her chair. The morning had taken an unexpected turn when Rudy and Hugo decided to come along. It had nearly devastated poor Bunny, but now it seemed things would go smoothly. If all continued this way, the rest of their journey would run smoothly.

Content with her pint and the promise of a second breakfast Peony let out a sigh. But the contentment could not last, Mira's gaze had darted to the door and worry shrouded her face. Peony looked toward the door and saw Rudy and Burt bringing in Gaffer Hugo.

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