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The party struck west, walking briskly, and with Mosy refreshed at the Stonebow Inn, carrying Gaffer Hugo and some baggage seemed not to bother him at all. Snatch pranced ahead, ran back behind, and sniffed at everything his nose led him to, from side to side. He snapped at butterflies, raced after squirrels, and generally assured himself of a very exchausted and satisfied night's sleep when it came.

Gaffer Hugo, for his part, rather enjoyed being able to see things from up high on Mosy's back. He waved to passersby with a smile that hid the pain he felt in ankle and hip. The food and drink had done him good, but he did not talk much. No need! Bunny, Tansy, Peony and Mira talked enough for all of them.

It seemed to Hugo that it would not be too long before they reached Whitfurrows. Snatch, on one of his forays to their rear, seemed to catch the whiff of a lone hobbit traveling behind them, and set off barking and grumbling and growling at him before Gaffer Hugo called him back.

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