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Brown looked back again briefly. He thought for a moment and drummed his fingers on the heavy oak table.

"I saw him behind us on the road yesterday, but I hadn't realized he'd followed us all the way here. Maybe it's just coincidence that we've come the same way, but I'll say this: he's certainly been acting curiously."

Brown put a piece of bacon and half a tomato onto a piece of cold toast and then (somehow) fit the whole thing into his mouth. As he chewed, he thought.

"Now why did Snatch notice him? Could he be some kind of rascal, waiting to rob us when we're out on the road...I've heard about hobbits going bad, though I've never known any to myself."

"Then he's a rather stupid rascal," said Rudy, "Because we'd out-number him by 6 - and a dog."

Brown reflected on this and then leaned over to stroke Snatch's tail. "Aye, you're right there...more than likely, he's just some odd fellow that Snatch recognizes from Brandy Hall. Have either of you seen him before?"
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