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Seeing as my earlier post is now null and void, I will submit a new vote, simply for Laegolas.

I agree with Lindil, in that we are not certain that Legolas in Gondolin and Legolas in Mirkwood are the same person. However, that possibility exists, so we should give him a name that can still be recognized by people who haven't read HoME.

However, we are all overlooking a possibility here. Is there any reason that Legolas of Gondolin wasn't killed in the Battle at Sirion's Mouth, and then, after an age of penance and contemplation in the Halls of Mandos, his soul was sent back to be born into Middle-earth again as the son of Thranduil? I feel that this may be a distinct possibility, however, I may not have all my facts straight. If I don't, feel free to correct me. So, in light of this, I think that we should all ponder whether Legolas of Gondolin and Legolas of Mirkwood aren't the same Elf.

That's just what I think, though.
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