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I don't think that LIT is out yet, although I would like it to be. <P>Anyway, my irrational mind is of the opinion that RotK need to be nominated and win everything. Every award. All the actor, FX, editing, screenplay, picture, the whole nine yards. But, that has about as much chance of coming true as I have of becoming the king of Gondor. <P>So what little rational thought I have on RotK's Oscar chances are these: I think that Jackson needs to be, and will be rewarded with the Best Directer award. If Sean Astin gets nominated, I'll be happy. But I'm trying not to get my hopes up for Best Picture. I too have seen Cold Mountain, (also read the book) and it was great. It is the serious, gritty, literary, classically-placed film that could rob RotK. A Beautiful Mind did it to FotR. <P>Cold Mountain also got eight Golden Globe nods while RotK managed only four. That has to count for something. And, the fact the Cold Mountain's not as popular may win it votes from the elitists that the academy seems to posses in such numbers. Plus, there's the sea-epic, Master and Commander to consider, and Seabiscet as well. Who knows? It'd make my day if Finding Nemo got a nod. But I hope that Return of the King wins. As one of my fanish friends said, "If it doesn't, we're bombing the academy." <p>[ 8:36 PM January 18, 2004: Message edited by: Arvedui III ]
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