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A slave escapee is one of the group of 50 people who just escaped from the plantation and have run down to the river to hide in the caves.

An ex-slave is one of a group of about 15 people who escaped from a plantation some time ago. They have already been hiding in the caves for a while, but their numbers have been severely decimated by frequent Orc attacks. They are the ones who advise the slave escapees that it is not wise to stay in the area, and they must all find someplace to go.

The two slave groups will be posting together from the beginning of the RPG so there's no problem about that. The second post of the game will be the meeting of the slaves and ex-slaves with the members of the Fellowship. (We will obviously skip over the journey, either with a few words or in a single post.) The group that will be posting on its own at the beginning is the Orcs, which is why I am concerned they have some steady writers.

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