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Erling could not remember much of the rest of the march. There was little talk from anyone. They all seemed to know that they were close to the end of their adventure-whatever that was going to be... None of them looked to hopeful.

Suddenly, they all halted, stricken. At first, Erling did not know what had filled their heart with so much horror and made them stop. But then, he realised. Howls! Nearer and stronger than they had heard them before! And then....then...Kuric's battle cry-it had to be him, it sounded like his voice. Released from the frozen state they had been rendered by the howls, the defenders hastened forward.

As they ran, Erling tried to take his long knife from his seath. He had to do it quickly, he thought. He had to, lest the wargs caught him unprepared and helpless. Finally, he managed to take it out. He glanced at it, and its appearance did not encourage him at all. It was slightly rusty and the blade did not seem to be too sharp. Erling's heart sank. How was he going to take on the Wargs with that? Why hadn't he the sense to at least sharpen his knife before setting off?

They were close now, he knew that. The holws were louder than ever. Clutching his knife, Erling ran with the others, trying not to think or to remember how terrified he was. Soon, they would reach the Wargs. Soon, it would end-one way or the other.
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