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Edwin choked, looking into the eyes of this strange man. There was something wild in them, like those eyes he thought he’d seen peering at him from the edge of the Forest. He would have thought he was still in those empty dreams, but compared to them, even this world made sense.

He whipped his head around at the sound of his name. He didn’t think he would be happy to see the face of someone who up until now was just an annoyance to him. But there was no stopping the relief that filled him at seeing Jess.

“Wha…I…yes, I’m awake…I don’t know what happened…” He was shaking; Willem still held on to his arm and Edwin was using his support to stay on his feet. He swallowed. No, no, what was this! He couldn’t cry. Oh no. He looked around at all the faces. All Jess’ brothers, all older than him. And these men. Oh what would they think?

He cried. “I’m sorry, Jessamy… Where are the others? This is all my fault…I’m sorry…” He wasn’t sure who he was apologizing to, really. Everyone and everything. It was his fault this had happened to him as well. And what would happen when he got home!

Karl tried to step quietly out of the caravan, not sure what was going on. Poor Edwin. He was so young, even if he didn’t think so. Should he apologize to the boy? But he had done nothing wrong; simply his presence had startled him. Karl stood up against the side of the caravan, once again observing the scene, but also looking around him for where Duke had gotten off to. Dog wasn’t good at staying. Or going where he was told.
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