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Lalwendė is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Lalwendė is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.
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I could fill up the whole thread...but for now...

I assign cars. I do not like 4x4s, these are merely expensive vans unless they are upper crust Land Rovers. No, I like sports cars such as the the Aston Martin Vantage; I like 70s cars like the Ford Cortina seen on Life On Mars (that car is seriously cool), or the purple Capri that my mother had; I love retro cars such as the Anglia; I love hot hatches like Golf Gti Mk I, and I also like chavved up, modded cars as they amuse me. I even had one once, a Ford with a full body kit, spoilers, loud stereo, the lot. Spotty oiks would stop and look at it admiringly. Strange really, as I'm always ranting about lazy people who don't catch the bus to work! I also like Top Gear now it's become some laddy humour programme.

I assign gadgets. Not for me living offline without electricity, oh no. I'm what they call an early adopter because I love my toys. I have to be surgically removed from my Zen M:Vision, and the new Nintendo DS is becoming as addictive. I've had Sky digital for 9 years - 1,000 channels of utter tripe but I love it. I have a sincere addiction to The Sims. Technology is awesome. Except for sat nav, that's naff for an expert map reader.

Tobacco is the nectar of the gods. Except I'm cutting down with a view to cutting it out.

I assign daytime TV. Trisha especially, and Jerry Springer. And all those property shows. Richard & Judy. Paul O'Grady. Countdown.

I assign the following juxtaposition of sentences:

Originally Posted by SpM
- George W Bush (I know I should disapprove of him, but I can't help finding something endearing about him )
- Intolerance towards shtoopid people
Heh, heheh....

And laughing evilly.
Gordon's alive!
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