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Originally Posted by davem View Post
Well, the Balrog may or may not have had wings in the original broadcast, but if so they must have been digitally removed when it was re-edited into 13 episodes - I've checked my cd's & there isn't a sign of wings on the Balrog - even when I use a large magnifying glass. Actually, I don't remember there being wings on the Balrog back in 1981 when I first heard the series - though I only had access to a small transistor radio at the time. I haven't heard the re-edited/remastered version which came out at the time of the movies, so I can't say whether wings have been added for that version to bring it in line with the Jackson films - they may have.

Apparently there were some Moria scenes in the original broadcast where the real Boromir was missing due to the actor having other commitments (apparently a passing cleaner had to be brought in to stand behind Aragorn to make up the numbers but luckily he didn't have any lines), & there was one infamous scene during Helm's Deep where Legolas is facing the wrong way & it appears he is shooting at his own side because the producer had inserted the audio tape in the wrong way round during a late night recording session. I've heard that these problems have been fixed for the latest version, but I can't be certain of that.
You DO know a lot about that series, don't you!

Thanks for LOL!
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