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Bringing this forward


*Caranthir*, Prince of the Dispossessed Noldor (*CAMEO*, end of game) – Player Needed

Lachrandir, Caranthir’s Envoy - Anguirel - a proud but essentially good-hearted Noldorin Elf, impressed despite himself by what he has seen of Easterling prowess. Can’t help being condescending.

Tathren, Lachrandir's Page - Mithalwen


Ulfang - (born 400 FA – 71y/o) aging Ulfing chieftain (*CAMEO*) – CaptainofDespair

Ulfang's Sons:

Uldor - (born 425 FA – 46y/o ), the new power in the land – Folwren

Ulfast - (born 428 FA – 43y/o) – Celuien

Ulwarth - (born 430 FA – 41y/o) – Folwren (Carry-along character)


*Brodda* - Easterling chieftain under Morgoth's rule after the war (*CAMEO*) - CaptainofDespair



(Should be equal numbers of men and women. Ordinary Easterlings trying to survive in a hard world. Might be established families or recent immigrants.)

1.) Grímr & family - piosenniel (Father, Mother, 2 sons old enough to soldier, 2 younger children.)


2.) Anydor, male - Volo
3.) Adbrandr, male - Garen LiLorian
4.) Erling, male - Rune Son of Bjarne
5.) Dag, male - bill_n_sam


6.) Tora, female - Dimturiel
7.) Dulaan, female - Noinkling
8.) Gausen/Drenda, female w/son - Anguirel


Borrim Hunters

(A party from the north, these Easterlings are not made to feel entirely welcome among the others. They would never consider a pact with Morgoth.)

1.) Khandr, male - Child of the 7th Age
2.) Briga, female (minor character) - Child of the 7th Age
3.) Embla, female - Lalaith
4.) Hunta, male with a dog - Fordim Hedgethistle
5.) Bergr, male - Kath
6.) Fastarr, male - Nogrod


Thuringwethil, Morgoth’s Spy - Durelin - Has the ear of Uldor




Please look at the First Posts and let me know what order you want them in - by Player name.


~*~ Pio

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