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Right. Sorry I'm so late.

I haven't yet decided the order - though I am busy doing so, I promise, and will edit this post today with my decisions.

I do, however, have two points -

I had envisaged a much larger ratio of Ulfings to Borrim. To impress on our readers that this is an Ulfing settlement, I freely encourage everyone to make up Ulfing NPCs at a rate of knots.

And...Celuien, your post is a little tricksy, as it has that beautiful description of the stars which sets it the night before my first post for the game. Could you edit in a heading The night before the Envoy's arrival, or something similar?

Now, the order, which will be updated as it firms up -

[My post]
Celuien's post
Mith's post
Folwren's post
Durelin's post
Noinkling's post
pio's post
Rune's post (Rune, you haven't put in the scenic bit yet - please write it up or leave it out, whichever you prefer)
bill_n_sam's post
Dimturiel's post
Volo's post
Garen LiLorian's post
Child's post
Nogrod's post
Lalaith's post
Kath's post
Fordim's post
My post as Gausen and Drenda

There, I think that's it...actually, it wasn't, I forgot bill_n_sam, but everything's decided now.
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