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The herbmaster was skilled in his art. Garstan had been taken into a small outbuilding claimed by the Eored and given a drink, hot and bitter to taste, but soothing to the pain in his shoulder, even when the herbmaster had unwrapped and prodded the wound, covering it with fragrant leaves against the coming of sickness and covering it again with fresh linen.

"You are lucky, master Garstan," he said. "Had the blade fallen but a little to the side you would have bled beyond my skill to aid. It will mend. Some aching in the cool nights will come, maybe, but it will mend with time."

Garstan sank into a chair. "I fear my lord Eodwine will not be pleased. I was to begin work carving the stones for a new kitchen on our return, but I cannot work with one arm."

"Lord Eodwine is a good man," the herbmaster returned in a stern voice. "He would not fault you."

"I know it well. I fault myself." Garstan frowned. "I would be with him now. I would not see him meet with worse than I have."

"Peace, Garstan! The Eorl is well guarded. You should rest."

Shouts rang from nearby. Garstan heard Eodwine calling in the midst of the cries. "There! After them! Deren! Gather the others and ride to us!"

"I must go. Lord Eodwine calls." Garstan rose unsteadily and moved to the door. The herbmaster was across the room in two steps to block the way.

"Are you mad? You can be of no good to the party with your arm as it is. If anything, you will hinder them. They cannot attend to you and fight at the same time. Sit down."

The herbmaster pushed Garstan back to his chair. He sat unwillingly and burst out, "Am I always to be left behind under the care of the healers while others do their duty in battle?"


Garstan left a silent moment, then said in a softer tone, "It is nothing. Forget that I said it." He stared blankly at a small window, his thoughts away with the rescue party as they set off on the chase.

"Garstan. You have done well on this day. But you can do no more."

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