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The waiting was the worst. How many times now had Scyld thought he heard a footstep or a whispered word? How many times had his muscles tensed as he gripped the first knife a little tighter? How many times had he tentatively peeked around the tree?

This time he was certain, though. Someone had stumbled on the rocks below. He knew that every glance he took would be a risk, but he needed to know their position. Moving slowly so that a sudden motion would not attract their sight, he peered out at them. He saw Sorn turn and say something to Gurth but could scarcely even hear the sound of Sorn's voice, much less make out the words. They were moving slowly in his and Linduial's direction, clearly taking care not to be heard. Scyld ducked his head back behind the tree.

The seconds slowly passed. Scyld had to continue resisting the temptation to look and see how much closer they had come. Only when he heard a footstep almost directly even with him did he take another look. He hefted the knife but still hesitated. They were still farther away than was optimal and he doubted he could kill either of them. He should still hit, and Gurth was a large enough target, but once he threw the first knife his position would be given away. Still, he probably would not have another opportunity this good with the same vantage point.

He threw the knife straight for Gurth.
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