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Scyld had seen Linduial throw the stone to try and distract Sorn and Gurth, and had given her a tiny nod of approval, but he was not even sure that they had heard it. Now Sorn was coming after him. He hadn’t been seen yet, but they knew where he was. He had no use for hiding now.

As Sorn began to charge up the slope, Scyld stepped out from behind the tree, a knife already in his hand. He would have to be careful, now; he only had so many knives. Thankfully Sorn did not seem to have any better weapons than a long knife. A fight between the two of them would be equal, and Gurth had peculiarly not yet made a commitment to fighting, not even taking his axe in his hands.

Even though he had a poor angle, Scyld threw the knife at Sorn anyway because of the benefit in fighting an already wounded opponent – and he missed, coming mere inches from his target. Scyld drew out a third knife. He would not be so quick to throw this one away.

He could have moved his body so that he was between Sorn and Linduial at that point – but then he realized that that was probably exactly what Sorn was hoping he would do. He could not betray Linduial’s position, not even with a flicker of a glance.

And then Sorn was upon him. He did not wait to test Scyld’s strengths but immediately attacked. Scyld was more intent on staying out of range until he had an opportunity than putting up an offense. As the fight began, Scyld could not resist a little gloating. “I hope you know how long I have conspired against you… how many years I’ve had a lock pick to your study and intimate knowledge of your records and funds… how long I’ve waited for this day.”

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