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Eodwine stopped his horse and dismounted just shy of the steep slope, and climbed on foot as hurriedly as he could. Deren was close behind and many others as well.

Eodwine came to the top of the rise and stopped, stunned. There stood Linduial, knife in hand, and just a few yards in front of her lay on his face a giant of a man, sprawled over Sorn; both were dead.

Surely she hadn't done this. Had they killed each other? Had she helped somehow? Eodwine scratched his head. She did not look much the worse for wear, considering her the likely nature of her harrowing experience.

"Linduial! I am glad to see you sound!" He looked at the two corpses again, and then again at her. "Tell us what happened here!"

She explained that she had escaped from the dungeon by the loan of a key, and had run away out here but had been seen by Sorn and the giant, who had been one of his henchmen. But when Sorn was set on killing her, the giant would not let him. They fought and killed each other instead.

"You had aid then! Who loaned you the key, that we may reward him?"

"A henchman. He escaped when your men arrived," she answered. "I know not where he went."

"Well then. Can you walk?"

She could, and was given to ride one of the mounts. They made their way back to the homestead of Sorn.
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