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Deep in the night, Shasta awoke from his troubled sleep. His nightmares had been terrible, but likely no worse than anyone else in the Ward. Tonight, however, he could not rest, haunted by the memory of his lost friends, with one fellow patient in particular.

Throwing on his coat and shoes, he set out into the streets, letting his feet take him wherever they happened to go. Some time later, he found himself standing in front of the morgue. It was unsurprisingly dark, and he looked around, finding the surrounding area to be unoccupied. He drew a thin piece of metal from his pocket and jammed it into the gate lock. His feet padded along the entry walkway and toward the door, making no sound neither with the gate latch nor the front door of the morgue."I was hoping this would come in handy, but not like this."

The interior was cold and somewhat damp, and it smelled of dust and decay. Following the hallways, he reached the room where the Breath victims were kept. The door was locked, as expected. He swore as his pick broke off inside the hole, but at least it had done its job: the door creaked open to reveal an empty foyer and a stairway descending to the lower floor.

Regretting his present course of action with every step, he approached one of the bodies. Lifting the sheet from the corpse's face revealed it to be someone he didn't know, likely one of the first to be admitted to the Ward. With time and a strong stomach, he came across the familiar face he longed to see one more time.

"You should have listened," he told Nerwen's lifeless body. "We should have left the city before this started. I didn't think you would- I didn't want this to happen."

Overcome by emotion and the ever-present urge to burst into song, he choked back tears, grasping Nerwen's cold hand in his own.

There's a world, there's a world I know
A place we can go where the pain will go away
There's a world where the sun shines each day
There's a world, there's a world out there
I'll show you just where
And in time I know you'll see
There's a world where we can be free-

"Come with me," interjected a deep voice.

Shasta whirled around just in time to be assaulted by two guards. He tried to protest, but he was bound, blindfolded, and gagged in seconds. The last thing he saw was the hand of his queen hanging limply from the table on which he left her.


The next morning, the Ward discovered Shasta's house empty, the only remaining possessions a wilting rose and a small book of poetry.

"It still smells sweet," Lottie noted softly, stroking the petals. "What will happen to it now?"

"I'm not sure," Sally admitted with a shrug, but then her shoulders slumped. "More importantly, we still have one more day. What will happen to us?"

The only response Sally received was an eery chorus of, "I don't know."

It is now Day 5.


The Morgue
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