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I'm alive?!?!? Thanks, Herbalist!

Also, hopefully the bit where Shasta had wanted to leave with Nerwen before this started suggests that he's a wolf? *crossing fingers*

I *think* we're in a pretty good spot toDay. I read both of the narrations as suggesting a successful wolf kill, and clearly the Herbalist at least is still alive, if they were able to save me last Night. I haven't run the numbers, but might we be back in a scenario where a no-lynch would be a good idea toDay? Six people are left. We are probably down at least one wolf between Zil and Shasta, so they won't outnumber us if all they have is one last Night-kill, and so few of us have actually died, I wouldn't be surprised if both of our Gifteds are still around. Of course, we would be relying on a) the wolves not to have targeted whoever the Herbalist is last Night, b) the Bard still being alive and/or c) at least one wolf is dead, but I think the odds are pretty good.
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