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Originally Posted by Kuruharan View Post
I anticipated you by several hours.
Oh, I actually saw that, but it didn't really help me I'm afraid. So basically we're probably winning and a lynch will only change the situation if all the three wolves are actually alive, only there's a theoretical chance in that case also that we lynch an innocent and they outnumber us toMorrow? Like, a lynch doesn't matter either way unless there's still three of them, in which case we're in dire straits indeed??

Which makes me think we SHOULD indeed do a lynch toDay, and I seriously think it should be Boro. I would hate to lose just because he and his ten posts slipped under everybody's radar (sorry dear, no hard feelings ).

Originally Posted by Legate
Sorry about that. Well, the main reason was that I was hoping to see reactions to the Night events before announcing it. But overall, there is not very much rational planning behind it - it was, most of all, the wish to make the WWs freak out at least for a moment by making them think that their Nightly attack was prevented by the Bard. Sort of a payback from my part for targeting me. Although, to be absolutely honest, I was 99,9% sure they would target me. Given that Lottie was supposed to die that Night and Kuru was the second logical choice, which made him likely to be protected by the Bard, it was basically clear that they were going to target me.
Well, it still sounded like a wolf posting at 2am then waking up the next morning and being like "hey there's no claim about last Night I could still claim Black Breath yeehaw" - but I admit it's hard to see what you would gain by that, given that most of the village trusts you anyway. It just really rubbed me the wrong way.
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