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Originally Posted by Galadriel55 View Post
I was thinking of having Ledwyn approach Brith at one point and try to communicate - and could even do it now if you have no better occupation planned for her. RL is the main obstacle now, since I have to catch up with my readings and whatnot. I'll see if I can sneak in a post for Ledwyn concluding the previous mess before I throw her into another.

In the meantime, since it might take me a while to write the next post, if anyone wants to randomly interact with her - Saeryn? Brith? Stefnu? Anyone at all? - feel free to post or to involve her in your posts.
What about - if you have time, have Ledwyn approach Brith at breakfast, and if not, we can see later. I invented this project of sewing new clothes for the Meadhall residents, and I imagine all the household women who don't have a strict occupation (Frodides and Kara basically?) and who can and want to sew would be involved at least to some degree. And Saeryn herself would take part too? Folwren? I also just ralised I know very little of sewing and especially medieval sewing so I may need to do some research. Anyway, I think this would be a good excuse for the women to gather around and gossip - even though they of course have a lot of other things to do too.

Originally Posted by LMP
Lommy, your plan for Wilheard works for me.
Okay, so we'll see what happens first - Eodwine remembers Athanar tasked him with putting Wilheard to some use, Wilheard decides to man up and do something about it, or someone else (Thornden? Saeryn?) notes that Wilheard is just idling and asks Eodwine about it. Like, personally, I don't have any plans for him. I don't even know what he could feasibly do, what kind of positions are there in the household and such. He would probably be the happiest as a soldier - despite the fact that he dislikes Thornden and wouldn't like to take orders from him - (or at the stables) but I doubt he has given the thing much thought, also I don't know if as the previous eorl's son that would be below his station somehow? Not?

Originally Posted by Folwren
I am excited to see more of Brith! I think she'll be fun.
Thank you! I think she's a bit like Ledwyn - she has the potential to cause chaos...
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