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Originally Posted by Galadriel55 View Post
But I have a suggestion about the Visitors. If they return as ghosts, they would be able to communicate the same way they used to (thread, and PM for wolves), but will not add to the numbers of the living on either side and won't screw up the count dramatically.
Yes, when they return they would be able to communicate as their role dictates.

That is a good plan, worthy of implementation. Returned players will be categorized as "Ghosts" when they return and not count toward the final tally total.

Can other gifteds become Visitors? What about the Evil Wizard? Or, for that matter, the Good Wizard himself?
Neither Wizard can become a Visitor. Gifteds cannot become Visitors either.

Can the Evil Wizard kill people if he has no Wolves? (If Phantom was the EW, I think he would procrastinate on making wolves and watch the village lynch each other, if he could do the kills himself. But maybe not)
I had pondered that very scenario.

The problem is if the Evil Wizard somehow had terrible luck and loses all their wolves and is still surviving...

Perhaps I shall make a rule that the Evil Wizard is not able to make kills on their own until after they have created at least one wolf.

I shall ponder this more.

After a Duel, do both Wizards stay in the Dead Thread? Can the GW continue to scry people?
Yes, both Wizards stay in the Dead Thread.

I am still unsure about having the Good Wizard be able to continue to scry after entering the Dead Thread.

I shall ponder this more too.

I will make the above mentioned edits to the rules.
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